If you want to be an entrepreneur and a leader in your community, it’s important to develop some key habits. I started my own pharmacy business when I was still in school and developed a vision of what I wanted out of life. Just imagine that you have no limitations, what would you like to accomplish? For me, it was business ownership and I ended up with a successful chain of pharmacies in Winnipeg. I also ran a successful online business in the pharmacy sector. For both of those things, I had a vision of what I wanted before I even started.

Find something specific. The greater your clarity of vision, the easier it will be for you to motivate yourself and inspire others to work with you on making your goals come to fruition. Try to be the best at what you do. Identify a product or service you want to provide and focus your attention towards achieving excellent performance in that area. Without a commitment to excellence, you risk falling into mediocrity, and that’s not the route to success.

Get to know your community. I’m a proud citizen of Winnipeg and got to know the city very well when I started my businesses. Let’s face it, you can’t be successful in any business unless you know your customer or client base. Figure out which products they want and what services they are looking for. Talk to as many customers as you can. The old adage about the customer always being right is a truism. Let the customer lead you to success.

Move forward. When I decided I wanted to get into another business, I completed plenty of research before deciding on real estate. Thorwin Properties is also well-known for its focus on the community and that was important to me. I also share Thorwin Properties’ vision of leading the industry by providing quality residences that people can be proud to call home.

My last suggestion is probably the most difficult. Overcome your fears. It’s been said many times that you can’t get over your fears unless you face them head-on. That’s especially true in the business world. There will be times when you feel like you’ve made the wrong decision or you might be faced with a challenging business situation. I suggest that from this day forward, you make it a habit to confront your fears as often as you can. Know that each time you face a fear and overcome it, your courage increases, along with your self-esteem and self respect. There’s no bigger ego boost than getting over your fears.