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Kris Thorkelson’s “In the News” page features articles, interviews and stories on expert topics that range from business leadership to Winnipeg real estate news and community connection

Interview With Kris Thorkelson: Pharma Entrepreneur And Owner Of My Place Realty

A licensed pharmacist since 1991, Kris Thorkelson has mastered the art of answering customer’s needs. He is the owner and founder of The Prescription Shop and owns two medical clinics that are attached to his pharmacies.

My Place Realty’s Tom Haughton and Kris Thorkelson

My Place Realty’s Tom Haughton and Kris Thorkelson invite all their tenants and neighbours to the first Tenant Appreciation Day, to be held Friday, July 6 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 1274 Archibald Street in Winnipeg.

Entrepreneur and Owner of My Place Realty

Kris Thorkelson is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to owning a chain of four pharmacies in Winnipeg, called the Prescription Shop, he also owns a pair of medical clinics attached to two of the pharmacies.

Community Connection: Kris Thorkelson’s Vision for My Place Realty

Kris Thorkelson is a Winnipeg-based entrepreneur with over twenty years in the retail pharmaceutical industry.

Kris Thorkelson: Innovating In One Industry at a Time

Entrepreneurs often find themselves rooted in one industry or another, finding something that works and sticking to it. Kris Thorkelson defies this principle, having experienced a number of successes during his 20+ year entrepreneurial career.

Consider CanadaDrugs.com Another Victim of the Counterfeit Drug Problem

You might say – and a fair number of people in the know believe – that the recent action by the U.S. government against the owners of CanadaDrugs.comwas a matter of double standards at their worst. Unfortunately, it was the Canadian business and its customers in the U.S. and elsewhere that have paid the price.

The Q&A With Kris Thorkelson, Entrepreneur And Owner Of My Place Realty

Kris Thorkelson is a Winnipeg-based entrepreneur who has enjoyed a twenty-plus year career as a successful business leader.

INTERVIEW: Kris Thorkelson, Entrepreneur And Business Leader

Successful entrepreneurs become that way by being on the leading edge of trends involving consumer behaviors and preferences and ways to capitalize on them. Such has been the case for Winnipeg’s Kris Thorkelson.